P.E.A.R.L.S. of Wisdom

We know the ritual of the family pearls being passed down from mother to daughter along with her words of hard earned wisdom in the hopes that the next generation’s future might be brighter.

In the spirit of that tradition we created our P.E.A.R.L.S. of Wisdom model to accelerate the development and advancement of women and multicultural professionals in their organization and career. The model focuses on those competencies and experiences that are “game-changers” for women and emerging diverse leaders, allowing them to develop their full potential and make a quantum leap forward in their career.

PEARLS of Wisdom

Below is a description of our P.E.A.R.L.S. of Wisdom workshops that can be delivered online in a webinar format or in-person, by a trained facilitator.

  • Personal Brand: Being perceived as leadership material is essential and can count as much as 26% of what it takes to get promoted. We can help you decode and develop your “executive presence”, and leverage your leadership credibility and influence for maximum success.
  • Energy/Wellness: Today’s professionals are overwhelmed and in a few severe cases, “burned-out” when dealing with the high demands of their jobs. We can help you regain your ability to feel passionate about your work, create your individual plan to achieve well-being, professional fulfillment, and personal satisfaction.
  • Alliances/Networks: You will learn how to build and cultivate strategic professional networks, linked to career growth and success. You will assess the effectiveness of your current network and develop your roadmap to a more powerful network that will support your future aspirations.
  • Resilience: In today’s world of constant change, one must react quickly and effectively to emerging opportunities, difficult work conditions, and setbacks (e.g., loss of a promotion, a costly error on a major project). We can help you to build your resiliency to handle and recover quickly from these challenges and in some instances, turn these negative experiences into positive opportunities.
  • Legacy-building: Learning development experts have known that leaders who act out of a firm sense of purpose and clear vision far outperform their peers. We can help you to reflect and define your purpose and the legacy you wish to leave behind in your organization or community. We will provide you with the technique/tools to enable you to develop a clear vision and strategy to make a lasting, positive impact.
  • Sponsorship: Research studies have consistently demonstrated that sponsorship has a strong linkage to career success. We can help you to take charge of your career and its trajectory, engage a sponsor through informal or formal channels, and effectively cultivate a quality, win-win relationship with this important advocate.

Contact us today to host a “P.E.A.R.L.S. of Wisdom” workshop in your organization and help your leaders and managers develop and grow!

What Clients Say about Eva

“Evelyn is an amazing speaker, coach and diversity practitioner. Because of her experience as an executive coach she has helped other organizational leaders attain clarity and improve overall performance with their teams. As a speaker she has developed a reputation for delivering dynamic, fun and interactive workshops that leave people feeling inspired.”

Nereida (Neddy) Perez
Vice President Global Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Management at Ingersoll Rand

Evalution Leadership

“Eva is a compassionate, strong and highly competent career coach and talent development professional. Her thoughtful guidance and support were instrumental in helping me to secure new and exciting opportunities and develop a long-term vision for my career. It was a great experience to work with and learn from her and I believe that future clients will be fortunate to have her careful guidance as they work to enhance their professional skills and advance their career goals.”

Angel Roberson Daniels
Vice President, Grants at The Angell Foundation

Evalution Leadership

“‘What does it mean to be Eva’d?’ If you want clear and directional guidance that will unlock your greatest potential…then you need to get Eva’d. Being Eva’d means you will be guided, encouraged and challenged in ways that will enable you to face your fears, unlock your aspirations, and arise to take control of your destiny and begin to live your life to the ultimate.”

Michelle D. Johnson
Associate Program Officer, Arts & Culture, The Kresge Foundation

Evalution Leadership

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