Leadership Coaching

Coaching helps leaders and managers to develop their full potential, make a positive impact at work and advance their careers.

  • Do you feel ready to move to the next level but don’t have a clear plan?
  • Do you find yourself struggling with making a successful transition from manager to leader?
  • Have you been passed over for promotions because you are not seen as “executive materials?”

Our coaching service is a process that is customized to our client’s goals, natural talents and motivators, culture and background, personal challenges and real world situations.

Top areas that our clients come for coaching:

  • Leadership skill-building (e.g. transitioning from manager to leader, persuasion and influencing others, managing change, motivating others, navigating internal politics)
  • People-oriented skill building (e.g. influencing others, building win-win relationships with key stakeholders, managing conflict and negotiation)
  • Business / organizational acumen, strategy and execution skills
  • Career success strategies for women and multicultural leaders to accelerate their development and advancement
  • Becoming an Authentic Leader (balancing one’s culture/values with that of your organization)

Our coaching process involves:

  • Helping clients define clear, measurable goals
  • Using validated assessments as a diagnostic tool: self-assessments and 360 feedback on client’s leadership competencies and practices, professional skills, communication behaviors, emotional intelligence, natural talents and motivators and resilience factors.
  • Integrating the individual’s authentic self: understanding and respecting each client’s unique history/background, culture and values, and experiences
  • Developing a detailed action plan with strategies, activities, milestones and metrics
  • Providing access to practical skills and knowledge, relevant to client’s real world situations
  • Tracking client’s progress

Contact us to learn more about our coaching services or to engage Eva as your coach.

What Clients Say about Eva

“To say that working with Eva has been a transformative experience would be an understatement. Eva takes a thoughtful and thought-provoking approach, working closely with her clients to identify a professional development plan customized to the needs of the individual. Eva has provided me with the tools and guidance to be a better communicator and leader.”

Denise St. Omer
Vice President, Community Investment, Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Evalution Leadership

“Eva is a skilled executive and leadership coach who is astonishingly insightful, honest, and tough, yet also supportive and affirming. I had the opportunity to work with Eva for six months at a critical point in my professional career. Eva comes with a wealth of resources at her fingertips from formal assessments to endless books, articles, talks and websites she can refer you to. I would recommend Eva to anyone who is interested in elevating, their true leadership potential.”

Joanna Jackson
Director, Grant Operations, Weingart Foundation

Evalution Leadership

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